Nioh Launching Worldwide on February 2017

Koei Tecmo has something really special with Nioh. Its fine blend of fast-paced action from their Ninja Gaiden franchise mixed with the slow and methodical combat from FromSoftware’s Souls games make for a dichotomy rarely seen in video games. Yet it all still works perfectly.


During the PlayStation Press Conference at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Koei Tecmo has finally given us a release date for this title. Nioh will make its way to PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide on February 9th 2017.



The trailer shows off new characters among which are Okatsu, a Kunoichi loyal to Hattori Hanzo, fueled by hatred for Samurai of the Sengoku era. She borrows the looks and voice of the popular actress Emi Takei.

nioh-launching-worldwide-on-february-2017-okatsu-1 nioh-launching-worldwide-on-february-2017-okatsu-2



Another character who will make his way into the Nioh is the legendary Tokugawa Ieyasu, who unified Japan as the first Shogun.




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