NIS Europe offer disc replacements for error in Persona 4 Dancing All Night

NIS Europe are offering disc replacements for the second disc of the OST included in the Persona 4 Dancing All Night: Disco Fever editions after a manufacturing error.
The error, which only affected some European copies of the soundtrack, is the loss of the last track on the disc. The track is a remix of Persona 4’s “Who’s There?”, but apparently nobody is there at all! Or anything, or just the one track… (Look I tried to make a good pun but just couldn’t!) We loved the game itself!
nis europe nanako-persona
You can follow this link for a replacement where you need to provide either proof of purchase or the DLC code that’s included in the Disco Fever edition. Hopefully those worried about the issue can now rest easy with NIS Europe on the case!

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