Nisekoi Season Two Review (Anime)

It might have no word of a third and final season, but at least it has a second season! Nisekoi season two throws more characters into the mix as Raku Ichijo still searches to find out which girl gave him his locket ten years ago with little luck. Thankfully, Nisekoi has more to offer than mystery!


My mentioning of the locket in the opening paragraph is about as much as it’s mentioned in Nisekoi season two, so don’t hope for that plot line to be driven along in any meaningful way but that’s fine! Nisekoi still has a wide, wonderful cast of characters with laugh-out-loud humour and interactions that service to have you love the cast, both new and old, even more. As much fun as it was though, the Magical Patissere Kosaki episode would’ve fit better as an OVA rather than its own, randomly inserted episode in the middle of the series.


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Relaxing, joyful and leaves you yearning for more.

Nisekoi has a lovely cast who are a delight to watch, and season two has more than a few touching, human moments which really drives each character forward. One of the earlier episodes revolves around Chitoge’s mum returning but as she’s a super busy and important CEO, she barely has any time for her family. Raku becomes her temporary assistant in the hopes that he can work hard enough to clear up some of her tight schedule so that she can spend time with her daughter, and it’s a really heartwarming episode. Nisekoi’s plot is almost entirely character driven, and it’s something that’s relaxing, joyful and leaves you yearning for more — its cheerful disposition is infectious!


Shaft anime tend to have unique camerawork and gorgeous art styles that are brimming with detail, and Nisekoi is no different. Bursting with colour, slick style and a keen eye for detail, Nisekoi is a feast for the eyes and faithfully recreates the manga. Author Naoshi Komi’s characters are wonderfully brought to life with his art style being painstakingly replicated for the anime, and the two come together so well that it’s difficult to imagine another studio animating Nisekoi. It’s an undeniably beautiful anime. It has an equally outstanding soundtrack too with a catchy opening and several pleasant endings, and its excellent Japanese voice-work leaves no room for fault.


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It’s an undeniably beautiful anime.

My biggest disappointment with the second season of Nisekoi is that it’s only 12 episodes, when the first season had 20. Regardless, it is how it is and I hope a third season is in the works, especially as they could adapt the rest of the completed manga with a final season. Thoroughly entertaining and uplifting, Nisekoi’s lovely cast and their interactions kept me engrossed, and I’d happily watch it in full again. If you’re looking for a good rom-com to chill out with then Nisekoi is a great pick, and it’s one of my personal favourite Manga UK licenses.

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