Nitroplus Blasterz DLC Free for First Month, DLC Trailer

Marvelous Europe have some good news for those itching to play as Nitroplus Blasterz DLC characters Homura and Heart from Senran Kagura and Arcana Heart respectively. The game’s DLC will be free for the game’s first month, until 7th April 2016.



Homura and Heart aren’t the only free bits of DLC you’ll be able to pick up. There will also be alternate bikini costumers for Homura, Heart, and Super Sonico, and also some alternate colours. The colours, however, will always be free. Pretty cool, though right?


vlcsnap-2016-03-10-12h10m48s132 Nitroplus Blasterz DLC Free


If you were on the fence about dipping into Nitroplus early, then maybe this will sway you. We’ve played the game and really like the way the fighting works, and will hopefully be putting up some video content soon.


vlcsnap-2016-03-10-12h11m52s056 Nitroplus Blasterz DLC Free

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