Challenge yourself this No Nut November with these 5 NSFW sexy visual novels

It is November! And, inexplicably, a significant proportion of the Internet has decreed that for the entire month of November every year, they shall not enjoy the sweet release of sexual expression.

I have no idea why this is a thing, but it is, apparently.

With that in mind, this seems like the perfect time to recommend a selection of five sexy visual novels (featuring full-on boning) to enjoy. So let’s plunge right on in there and get right to the 18+ NSFW action, shall we?

Love³ -Love Cube-

Sexy visual novels: Love Cube

Developed by Sayori’s Neko Work H label and featuring spectacular, lively animated characters drawn by legendary hentai artist and brought to life by Sayori herself, Love³ -Love Cube- is a sexy visual novel with an absolute heart of gold.

We follow the tale of our protagonist Ichinari, a struggling hentai manga artist who is frequently so short on funds he often ends up eating tissues. Over the course of the narrative, he comes into contact with several absolutely remarkable young women who work in and around his industry, and ends up striking up a relationship with all three of them.

While this could easily lead to drama, Love³ -Love Cube- instead works as a surprisingly sensitive and heartwarming exploration of polygamous relationships, since all three of Ichinari’s partners are perfectly aware of one another — and, more to the point, happy to share, since they’re all friends anyway.

Plus it has some of the absolute hottest animated H-scenes you’ll ever see. Good luck making it through this one with your genitals intact.

Love³ -Love Cube- is available on Steam in a patchable all-ages version, or direct from Fakku! or Denpasoft in its 18+ incarnation.


Sexy visual novels: Lamunation

Combining acerbic wit, genuinely hilarious comedy and some really, really hot sex scenes, LAMUNATION! is one of my favourite underappreciated sexy visual novels.

Following the tale of peculiar protagonist Luna and his friends who live in the idyllic city of Saint Aria, LAMUNATION! is one of those stories that arguably isn’t really “about” anything. Rather, it’s more of a character-centric tale that gets you thoroughly invested in the everyday (and sexual) lives of a group of very likeable people. And rather than conforming to traditional visual novel tropes, these characters are real loudmouths who are very much happy to take the piss out of each other mercilessly.

When it comes to action between the sheets, though, LAMUNATION! absolutely delivers with some immensely satisfying H-scenes that are all the more enjoyable after the narrative build-up they had. The lewd content perhaps goes a bit further than some people might expect — particularly with regard to incestuous relationships — but it’s hard not to get drawn along with the fun. And, like in Love³ -Love Cube-, there’s a distinct sense that everyone in this is having a thoroughly lovely time with minimal drama to worry about.

LAMUNATION! is available on Steam in a patchable all-ages version. The 18+ patch is free.

Lucy Got Problems

Sexy visual novels: Lucy Got Problems

Some people look down on English-first visual novels, believing them to often miss the point of why people come looking for sexy visual novels. And to be fair, a lot of western sex games really do miss the point — but this absolutely cannot be said of Lucy Got Problems from the delighfully named Flat Chest Dev.

In Lucy Got Problems, we follow the adventures of an incompetent succubus as she gets into all sorts of silly and lewd situations. What follows is a fantasy adventure with some very likeable — if bizarre — characters and plenty of interesting choices to make along the way. Plus if you play with the optional 18+ content, there’s plenty of highly entertaining H-scenes to enjoy, too.

The writing throughout is consistently witty, and manages to strike a good balance between humour and actual narrative progression; while there’s a certain amount of self-referential western-style humour in there, the whole thing feels like it’s been composed with love and respect for the conventions of Japanese visual novels, so it strikes a good balance between different approaches to this sort of thing.

Plus Lucy is the hottest dimwit you’ll ever encounter, and you can’t help but root for her, whatever she’s getting up to.

Lucy Got Problems is available on Steam in a patchable all-ages version. The 18+ version is available from JAST USA.

Tropical Liquor

Sexy visual novels: Tropical Liquor

You like Sayori art? You like puzzling? Then this game, which is something of a hybrid between puzzle game, sexy visual novel and dating sim — no, not quite like HuniePop — will definitely keep you entertained for a while.

In Tropical Liquor, your character — an unemployed bum at the time the story starts — has won a free trip to the imaginatively named Tropical Island, and has decided to take his childhood friend Naomi along with him. Tropical Island, it appears, is full of absolutely beautiful women that can cater to pretty much every specific mild anime girl fetish you’d care to mention — and it’s up to you to help our hero find happiness.

Much like in real life, this involves getting rip-roaringly drunk until everyone loses their inhibitions. Mechanically speaking, this is executed through an entertaining take on the classic memory game Concentration, in which you need to match coloured cubes after having only seen the layout for a few seconds. There are some interesting mechanics at play, and at the higher difficulty levels it can get surprisingly challenging!

The rewards are very much worth it, though. Sayori knows how to draw spectacularly gorgeous women.

Tropical Liquor is available on Steam in a patchable all-ages version. The 18+ patch is available from Denpasoft for free.


Sexy visual novels: Negligee

Negligee is a relatively short story, but if you enjoy yuri stories of sexual awakening and exciting lingerie, this is definitely a sexy visual novel you’ll want to add to your collection.

Following the story of Hannah, a young woman who finds herself thrown into a store manager role she didn’t ask for, Negligee is an appealing slice of life tale with lots of sexy encounters. It also demonstrates an excellent understanding of how unglamorous retail work really is most of the time, even when dealing with luxurious goods such as ladies’ undergarments.

Narratively, Negligee is primarily about Hannah coming to terms with and accepting herself as being gay. It’s actually quite a heartwarming tale that manages to pack a lot of characterisation into its short runtime — and it perhaps wisely reserves the sexually explicit scenes for the various heroines’ endings to highlight how their relationships with Hannah have blossomed over time.

There’s plenty of pretty girls in sexy pants in the run-up to those endings, though. Plus if you enjoy the first game, there are now several follow-ups too!

Negligee is available on Steam in a patchable all-ages version. The patch is available as free DLC for the game.

Any further recommendations? Happy not-nutting!

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