Nutaku celebrates six years of adult gaming with new safe-for-work videos

We’ve talked a fair bit here on Rice Digital about how you shouldn’t be ashamed of enjoying what you enjoy — whatever form it might take. Adult gaming portal Nutaku (NSFW link!) agrees — and after six years in business and over 60 million registered players across 500 games, it seems there are a fair few people out there who feel the same way, too.

Nutaku’s new promotional campaign “Now I Nutaku” celebrates the joy of adult gaming with a series of amusing safe-for-work videos in which a variety of different people (who totally aren’t actors, honest) talk about their experiences with the platform.

The aim of the campaign is to reinforce the idea that Nutaku is a safe and inclusive platform for sexually explicit content, where anyone can enjoy the things they’re particularly interested in — or perhaps discover some new interests along the way.

Over the course of the last year, the platform has been making specific efforts to foster a more diverse and inclusive audience, and to that end has rolled out a slick new web interface that allows you to easily search for games that are to your taste, as well as applying filters according to the type of content you’re interested in.

It’s an admirable message to send, because while it’s easy to be cynical about the ads by virtue of the simple fact they’re ads, there has clearly been an effort made by the team behind the campaign to show that it’s perfectly “normal” to enjoy the sort of entertainment that Nutaku offers.

One of the biggest problems that adult gaming continually faces is the stigma attached to it by people who inevitably don’t engage with it. Though at times it has to be said that adult-centric publishing companies don’t help matters by focusing on the erotic content of their titles, rather than elements that might have a broader appeal. You can sometimes see how people might get the wrong idea.

By taking the exact opposite approach — by focusing on things such as the wide selection of games available, the broad variety of subject matter available for players to explore, and showing actual gameplay footage rather than erotic content — Nutaku is taking steps to, in their words, “destigmatise and democratise” adult content.

Nutaku’s available games feature a blend of nukige (games where the sexual content is the main focus) and eroge (games that contain erotic content, but where narrative, characterisation and/or mechanics are the main priority), distributed as free-to-play online browser and mobile games, or premium downloadable titles.

While the platform does have some specific restrictions on what it will and won’t allow to be sold on its digital storefront — a fact some localisers of premium downloadable adult games have fallen foul of in the past — it’s generally a good place to look if you want an adult gaming fix, be that in the form of a gacha game with sex scenes, an erotic “clicker” game, or a hefty visual novel that deals with weighty themes over an epic runtime.

Of particular note on the free-to-play side of things is Magicami DX, a free-to-play gacha RPG for browser and mobile that features an awesome soundtrack, a great story and plenty of costumes to collect. Magicami had shown itself to be a big success in its native Japan prior to its western release last year, and is especially noteworthy due to being one of the biggest budget gacha games out there. It’s been well supported in the west since its September release, too, with plenty of events and updates to keep even the most dedicated players busy.

On the downloadable front, meanwhile, you can pick up the uncut adult version of HuniePop 2: Double Date over at Nutaku along with a wide selection of small-scale indie titles from both eastern and western developers, and some well-loved visual novels such as Wagamama High Spec, Deardrops, Chrono Clock and Princess Evangile.

You can also grab the enormously enjoyable combination of interactive pornography, management sim and creative tool Custom Order Maid 3D 2 from Nutaku — and trust me, once you get hooked on the formidable combination of character creator and virtual photo studio in that game it’s seriously hard to stop.

You can find out more about the Now I Nutaku campaign at the official, mostly safe-for-work website, and the platform’s Valentine’s Day sale runs until the end of today, so if you’re quick you might still be able to bag a bargain.

The company is also encouraging its players to share their own experiences on social media with the hashtag #nowinutaku, so get involved and spread the joy of 18+ gaming like you spread th– (Snip – Ed.)

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