Nyu Media unveils Third Wave of doujin awesomeness

WARNING! A Third Wave of doujin awesomeness approaches! NO REFUGE! Well, actually, there IS refuge, you can just close your eyes and not read this – but then that would be madness. MADNESS! Because a) you won’t understand exactly HOW awesome this really is, and b) you won’t know… ah… bugger… I’ve run out of space in the intro section… : (


So! Nyu Media have outlined today, what they have in store for us in their next slate of doujin releases – and I’m going to outline that for you right here, RIGHT NOW!






There are TWO reasons why this is awesome. 1) It has arguably the best name of all the games on this list. 2) It has artwork reminiscent 0f 70’s anime, which, frankly, I have a massive boner for. It also come from Astro Port, the same developer as Satazius which is available on the Rice Store here.


If you’ve bought Satazius (and if not, WHY NOT it’s only £3.99 for godnessake) you’d know that it’s, without a doubt, the best side scrolling Shmup that you can buy.


‘Surely not!’ I hear you cry.


‘Surely!’ I cry back as I threaten to murder your entire family! 🙂


It’s so good, I’m even risking PRISON to make you understand its goodness!


Basically, you’ll be looking at a similar sideways shooty experience, this time with attachable weapon upgrades and transforming being the central hooks. It’s also ludicrously colourful and kitsch. Still not convinced? Watch this and proceed to shut the hell up.





I’ve got to be honest, I’d never heard of this one until today – so in that respect, my interest in this one if fueled by ignorance. I DO know that it’s another game from Astro Port and that it’s another side scrolling shooter, so basically, those two things together automatically put it on my MUST BUY list.


Armed Seven


You remember me telling you how good Satazius is, right? RIGHT?!



This is basically where good things come together to make both mind and pants explode. Astro Port? Check! Side Scrolling (Check!) Homage to the amazing SNES shooter with a giant stompy robot thing, ‘Cybernator’! CHECK!


Gigantic Army


I put that last ‘check’ in bold and italics so you can appreciate exactly how excited I am for you. I say ‘you’ because I actually already own this – and so can testify to just how bloody excellent Gigantic Army really is. If you have even the slightest interest in shooters and have yet to play it  – bookmark this in your brain right now. It simply has to played.


Basically, you’re a big badass robot mech – armed to the teeth with a crazy arsenal of weapons, and you stomp and boost your way around, laying siege to…. well… everything. This is a game about dodging bullets, sure – but it’s also a game about using your arsenal in the most efficient and ingenious way you can.


It is a remarkably satisfying shooter to play. You’d do well to check out the trailer below.



Naturally, this is going to be the biggest doujin release next year – and is arguably the best known of any doujin game ever made. A fighter from three ex-SNK, King of Fighters devs, it’s a 2D fighter that combines the best elements from KoF and SF3: TS into a gorgeously animated, balanced and attractive fighter.


Yatagarasu Sale


You can buy the latest version from the Rice store here – Attack on Cataclysm however will take things a step further, with full localisation, GGPO support (better online play basically) as well as new characters and rebalanced gameplay.


We’ve covered this game a huge amount already – particularly the massively successful IndieGoGo campaign. I would also suggest you head to the official community here – for all the latest updates.




And last but by no means least comes Croixleur. This is probably one of the most overlooked gems of the doujin scene from this year. It’s basically an arena battler – where you take control of a girl and wield your sword against enemy hoards in circular stages. Defeat them all – and it’s on to the next stage of enemies.


The combat system is pretty simplistic, but there are some touches like cancelling and various weapon types to chose from – so while it’s not exactly Ninja Gaiden or DMC, combining a varied suite of simple and accessible systems brings out a brawler which is superbly well executed.


I played at lot of this one earlier this year – and have put an obscene amount of time in the frighteningly addictive Endless Mode.


Croixleur Screen


Anyway, as this has deservedly passed Steam Greenlight it’s getting an whole bunch of new updates – new stages, full voice over, new weapons, a new mode – as well as steam achievements etc.


It’s one of those games that so many people just pass up – but I assure you, it’s a beauty! 🙂

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