Occultic;Nine Opening Video Released

While we are talking about Chaos;Child localisation 5pb. has released an opening movie for their next visual novel called Occultic;Nine which should release on September 28th in Japan. The visual novel explores themes of paranormal activity with a twist.


The plot revolves around a NEET teenager named Yuuta Gamon and 8 other intriguing individuals who are connected through Yuuta’s occult summery blog. If you are captivated by the supernatural you might want to put this series on your radar.



Occultic;Nine is based on a light novel which got an anime adaptation last year, so those might be worth checking out until the visual novel arrives. Not to mention there is a relatively long running manga series that is still coming out today. The game is planned to release digitally on PlayStation 4, Vita and Xbox One.


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