Official NHK Otome Game??

 Official NHK Otome Game??

The NHK, Japan’s largest broadcasting organisation just released a weird promotional website that is shaped as an otome game, a visual novel aimed at women.





If you live in Japan and have a television, you are expected to pay NHK TV a license fee which helps funding NHK channels (like the BBC). This tax has become unpopular, but NHK may have found the perfect way to make up for it.


The fully voiced otome game which can be accessed here, lets you chose between four guys.



Official NHK Otome Game?? 1



Of course, the real star here is the bald man.



Official NHK Otome Game?? 2



He will ask for your name and tell you how beautiful it sounds. You can then ask him which is more important between the broadcasting tax and you. He will answer in his own way that the tax helps him broadcast channels that make people happy — to make you happy. Yes, you should pay tax to let NHK make you happy.


I can’t argue with that logic.

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