Omega Labyrinth Z English Trailer Explains the Game

It’s not entirely clear why D3 have released an Omega Labyrinth Z English trailer for their latest PV, but we’re not complaining. This subtitled version of the second promo video explains the story, setting, and how all of the mechanics will come together in this extremely lewd dungeon crawler.


It’s definitely a trailer you won’t want to be watching at work. After all, it opens with two pairs of breasts talking to one another.


It showcases a variety of things you can do, from innocuous things like exploring a dungeon, visiting shops, and, of course, rubbing crystals with your breasts that swell in size and spurt out “omega energy”. This will help your bosoms reach “Z-Cup” size, which allows you to unleash ultimate powers. It also showcases some of the fantasy scenes you’ll be able to interact with, as well as enemy capture scenes.


It’s pretty self aware!


There’s been no news yet on Omega Labyrinth Z, the sequel to the original Omega Labyrinth, making its way west. This subtitled version could hint that D3 are planning on bringing it over, or that it’s something they’re strongly pursuing.


But, just as equally, this could just be a way to further appeal to overseas fans who want to import the game, or hint at a potential Asia English version (it’s not uncommon these days, as was the case with Dead or Alive Xtreme 3).


Tempura’s back on the menu, boys.


My mum likes the Rice Digital Twitter and Facebook page, so it’s a very real concern for me that she is going to see this news post. I just want you to acknowledge that I live on the edge when it comes to stuff like this. I put a lot on the line for all of you.


To be honest, I’ve not spoken to her since I accidentally pasted her a link to some very questionable My Hero Academia fan art instead of a link to the latest Pirates of the Caribbean trailer. If you’re reading… sorry about that!



Omega Labyrinth Z releases in Japan on 6th July 2017, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita platforms.


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