Omega Labyrinth Life Releases on Steam Today

 Omega Labyrinth Life Releases on Steam Today

The cross between ‘Roguelike and relaxation’ is out today on Steam. Omega Labyrinth Life is an RPG full of Mystery Dungeon’s in which your character’s breasts get bigger when you get stronger. We’re not lying. The game currently has a 30% off promotion to celebrate launch.


Omega Labyrinth Life from Matrix and D3 Publisher arrives on Steam today, along with a 30% off sale. Dubbed as a roguelike with RPG elements, the game features an array of potential waifu’s who’s busts will increase with every victory. The Steam page puts it better than we ever could: ‘Defeating foes builds up Omega Power in the chest, increasing bust size and parameters. They go all the way up to a Z cup!’


omega labyrinth life


Aside from fighting, you can also spend your time growing flowers and changing decoration in the academy.


omega labyrinth life garden


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