Omega Labyrinth Z Trailer Provides First Look

D3 Publisher has released the first titillating Omega Labyrinth Z trailer, and it’s as lewd as expected. Girls in suggestive poses can be prodded and stroked, and licking. Yes, if you cover a girl in honey then a small creature will proceed to lick her completely clean. I like honey too, but I feel like licking it off of another person is very unhygienic. 



omega labyrinth z trailer

It plays similarly to the first game in that it’s a 3D dungeon-crawler, but item management has been made far easier with the introduction of the “Purse” feature, which allows you to store a handful of items when exploring. Watch the first Omega Labyrinth Z trailer below for glimpses of gameplay but be warned, you might not want to watch this at work or around family!



Omega Labyrinth Z is unlikely to be localised as the first game never was, so the quest of girls looking to increase their bust size is something we may never experience in English. Alas, it’s sadly not meant to be.

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