Omega Quintet (PS4) Coming to EU and NA Spring 2015

Idea Factory International has announced that Omega Quintet, the Idol/RPG hybrid game, will be coming to Europe and North America exclusively on PS4 next Spring.
We’re singing their praises as who doesn’t love idols? I mean, look at all that waifu material! We’re spoiled for choice! Dibs on the girl with black hair though.
Available both physically and digitally, you’ll have your manage your idols and build relationships with them. This is important as they need to create great music so they can use it in battle, where songs boost their stats amongst other things. The PlayStation Move controller is compatible during idol performances.
As a huge fan of Hyperdimension Neptunia, I’m excited to be able to play Omega Quintet – and a lot sooner than I’d expected!

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