ONE OK ROCK will perform in London AND Manchester! UPDATE

ONE OK ROCK is one of the most successful Japanese bands to perform outside Asia. We’ll be honest here. Most fans will have already booked their tickets to see the band. But if you haven’t, or if you haven’t had the good fortune to know – ONE OK ROCK will perform in London AND Manchester.


Update: We’ve just received news that ONE OK ROCK will be in Glasgow and Leeds as well.  The band has been determined to explore the UK and Ireland this year and we wish them the best of luck. Finally more local concerts for our northern and Scottish comrades.


ONE OK ROCK will perform in London AND Manchester!



Of course, ONE OK ROCK has been to the UK before but mainly in London, rocking crowd after crowd with an incredible energy. Their concerts are usually packed (and sweaty), which is likely why they have decided to include more concerts across the UK. Do note, if you plan to attend a ONE OK ROCK concert be prepared to spend an hour or so jumping, moshing and rocking along. Even if you prefer to stick to the bar, ‘A New Beginning’ will convince you to make to wave your arms like a lunatic.



The difference in this world tour is that ONE OK ROCK will be promoting their new album ’35xxxv’, details of which you can find on their official website. Some tracks on this album contains more ‘synthetic’ sounds likeable to American rock. For example, now and again you’ll notice some auto-tune effects with Taka’s voice. This could be because 35xxxv is ONE OK ROCK’s first album to be released by Warner Bros. Records. We know that the band hopes to find a permanent success in America and go beyond the ‘Jrock’ label. This could also be the reason why the US-version of their album includes all English lyrics.



But like many other Japanese bands, their live concerts tend to be far more rockier versions of their album. Often in their concerts ONE OK ROCK will play a mix of their new album along with their past classics. This means that older and new fans will find nostalgia within their playlist.



Fun fact: Did you know that ONE OK ROCK and RADWIMPS have a special relationship? Other than consistently capitalising their band name, the bands have supported each other during tours. Can you imagine if ONE OK ROCK supported RADWIMPS first UK concert?


Finally, we would love to read your thoughts. Are you buzzing to see ONE OK ROCK? Have you already booked your tickets? Let us know in the comments below.

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