Original Senran Kagura Burst Box Concept Featured Removable Clothing

Everyone in the west should now be familiar with iconic box art for the 3DS’ Senran Kagura Burst. It might just be a simple image but it tells a story, a snapshot of a different point in history. It was the awakening for many. But did you know about an earlier concept for the box?


The final box art for Senran Kagura Burst



The original idea for the box art would have featured Hikage, and would have had a plastic sleeve around the box that would slide off. Hikage’s out clothing would have been on the sleeve only, so that peeling off the sleeve would mimic Senran Kagura‘s well-known clothing destruction feature.


It’s a neat concept. I always love looking at different versions of box art, and when boxes are used inventively. Ultimately the final box art is a little bit more in your face, which is what the marketing for that initial game kind of revolved around in the west.



After sharing the concept box on Twitter we asked Geraint Evans more about the box. Saying he really liked the concept, he added that “it’s an idea that we may revisit at some point, and is something we might be looking at quite soon”. He wouldn’t say what project he had in mind, though there’s plenty of similar games on the horizon, including a new Senran Kagura in the form of Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash.


It reminds me a little bit of Onechanbara Z2 Chaos‘ North American disc art. What are your favourite video game boxes out there? Let us know! Maybe it’s time for a feature?




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