Otakon 2015 Visual Novel Localisation Announcements?!

Apparently after AX 2015, we haven’t had enough. There’s just too many good things to keep from bringing over to the English-reading world, and we have yet again been blessed with more localisation announcements. Including more genres and some long-awaited follow-ups to favourite games.



After Anime Expo just a few weeks ago, only MangaGamer and Sekai Project made announcements, letting us take a small rest from being bombarded by every piece of good news at once. And a wealth of good news it is.


MangaGamer started things running with announcing that the sales goal for minori’s Supipara Chapter 1 has been met, allowing them to start bringing over the series after funding it with sales of Eden*. This will continue with Supipara’s sales funding the cost of bringing over the rest of the series. Propellor’s incredibly long action visual novel Tokyo Babel will also see an English release, with plenty of battles and philosophy for you to enjoy. Next, Princess Evangile continues with MOONSTONE’s Princess Evangile W Happiness, with an all-ages version planned for Steam and the adult version available through MangaGamer.



But to not disappoint the many fans who have requested more yuri games since the dawn of time, MangaGamer announced they will be bringing over another Propeller game, The Shadows of Pygmalion, an action/yuri game with plenty of supernatural mysteries and girls. Though, perhaps more importantly you could say, MangaGamer also announced localisation plans for Liar Soft’s Okujou no Yurirei-san – or Kindred Spirits on the Roof. While an 18+ game, I can guarantee that it is a very sweet yuri visual novel where you play matchmaker in the place of sappharitions or lesbooans. …Yuri ghosts. They’re yuri ghosts.


Sekai Project’s announcement list was of course no shorter. After updating the status of the 18+ version of The Fruit of Grisaia (releasing via Denpasoft soon), Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru (out this July!), fault -milestone two- side:above (out this September), and G-senjou no Maou – The Devil on G-String (scheduled for a summer release), they brought out the big guns. Nenokami: The two princess knights of Kyoto, a yuri visual novel by Kuro Irodoru Yomiji that is not yet released anywhere, was the first announcement to arrive, followed by plans for Tenshin Ranman, an 18+ game from Yuzusoft.



Sekai Project continued with an announcement of Witch Boy Magical Piece, a PC port of the BL game by Rosemary House where the protagonist transforms into a beautiful girl to save the world alongside four other boys. This will be brought over via an upcoming Kickstarter, so keep an eye out for it if you’re eager for more BL. And finally, for the bouncing catgirls we’ve all been waiting for, NEKO WORKs’ NEKOPARA Vol.0 – the prequel to NEKOPARA Vol.1 – will see the light of day and charm our hearts once more. There was also news that Sekai Project would enter manga publishing, starting with GATE, but we’re here for the games, right?



While many of these announcements have no public release date yet, it’s exciting to see publishers bring over different games, especially ones which have been long requested or long enjoyed secretly. With announcements like this and a wealth of titles to grace your backlog, it is well and truly a great time to love visual novels.

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