Matchmaking players and love interests: the pseudoscience behind our archetype preferences – extroverts’ edition

We’re back at it again — it’s time to take another look at the pseudoscience behind our character archetype preferences in games and visual novels. This time around, in contrast to our look at the introverted archetypes, today we’re exploring the character types who we’d collectively describe as “extroverts”.

As before, take our findings with a grain of salt — this is all for entertainment purposes, though of course if the things we talk about happen to line up with your own preferences, that’s pretty neat! We’ll be ujsing the Myers-Briggs personality types along with the personality database to sort through and compile the best love interests.

As a reminder, the Myers-Briggs personality test is considered to be pseudoscience rather than “true” psychology, so just take this all as a bit of fun that might help us understand a bit more about ourselves and our favourite virtual partners. As before, we’ll be focusing on otome husbandos today, but everything we talk about here applies just as much to the waifus of the world, also!

Before we get into it, take a moment to assess your own personality type and see if it lines up with your own personal archetype preferences. Try to take the test more than once — at most around four times — using different sites to get a result that appears twice or more for as solid and reliable a result as you can get from this sort of thing. This is necessary due to how the survey is self-assessed.

Once you’ve done that, hit Ctrl-F to quickly scan the article and check out specific personality types — or just browse through and see what you learn!

ESFJ: The Consul

Extrovert archetypes: the Consul
Rindo (Café Enchanté)

The ESFJ is the first of the extrovert types we’ll cover, and is also known as the “Consul”. These individuals are popular and sociable, able to easily entertain and are often selfless and loyal. An ESFJ tends to be a people person, wanting to provide, care and educate others. They can, however, easily get tunnel vision or have their feelings hurt if others don’t take their advice, and have clingy tendencies.

We see this type represented through Kaoru Rindo (Café Enchanté), Akuroou (Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani), Sage (Nekopara: Catboys Paradise), Tauxolouve (Star-Crossed Myth) and Yuuya Sakazaki (Hatoful Boyfriend). ISFP and ISTP compliment them best, with their dependable temperaments appealing to their carefree attitudes.

ENFJ: The Protagonist

Extrovert archetypes: The Protagonist
Masamune (Norn9)

ENFJ types, also known as the “Protagonist”, are another grouping of the warmest individuals you can meet; they’re too kind-hearted for their own good at times.

They are generous individuals who are as affectionate as they can be smothering. They tend to be leaders who are compassionate, reliable and charismatic. However, they have a tendency to be too intense and idealistic to a fault. They are also the second most uncommon personality type of the extroverts, so cherish anyone you meet who are in this bracket!

Despite that fact, this type seems to be well covered in otomes. We see this in Radius (Period Cube), Masamune Toya (Norn9), Kei Okazaki (Collar x Malice), Yosuga (Olympia Soiree), Caramia (OZMAFIA!!), Yuri (Nameless) and Crius Castlerock (even if TEMPEST). INFP are ideal for the ENFJ due to both having plenty of initiative and being supportive; they’re great listeners and conflict avoiders. ISFP also compliment them.

ENTJ: The Commander

Extrovert personality types: the Commander
Eltcreed (Steam Prison)

ENTJ types, known as the “Commander”, are those with authority and charisma; they’re natural born leaders who are confident and strong-willed. As extremely goal-orientated individuals, they can be too stubborn, opinionated and even ruthless to a fault due to their dominant personality clashing with other personality types.

Shelby Snail (Cupid Parasite), Eltcreed Valentine (Steam Prison), Eisuke Ichinomiya (Kissed by the Baddest Bidder), Kyrie (OZMAFIA!!), Cinderella (Taisho x Alice) and Leon (Star-Crossed Myth) fit this personality type, with a few certainly not coming as any surprise (looking at you, Leon and Eisuke). Their best match is with either INTP or INFP, with each of their sensibilities balancing one another out, especially in the emotional department; those introverted personalities can understand and sympathise best.

ESTJ: The Executive

Extrovert types: the Executive
Lucifer (Obey Me!)

The ESTJ or “Executive” types are natural organisers who are honest, patient and dedicated. They get the job done, and are often rule-abiding, hard-working, realistic and assertive. They seem uninclined to express their emotions and have an inability to relax.

As the second most uncommon personality type in our own world (the rarest being INFJ), they’re also pretty rare to see in otome titles.

From what we could find and agree with, Saito Shinjou (Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome), Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane (Hatoful Boyfriend) and Lucifer (Obey Me!) represent this personality type best, being the absolute lowest amount of love interests in total within a category of all the personality types. ISTP and ISFP types have the best match up to an ESTJ, since they give one another stability in their opposing lifestyles.

ESTP: The Entrepreneur

Ignis (Café Enchanté)

As a personality type who likes to be the centre of attention, the ESTP or “Entrepreneur” leaps at opportunities before giving their actions much thought. They’re all about taking risks and throwing caution to the wind but still being logical and rational. They live life with as much spontaneity as possible, and they can be summed up as being social, perceptive and direct. On the other hand they can be insensitive, impatient and defiant.

Through our own deductions and lining them up with votes on the personality database, we thought that Higa (Bad Apple Wars), Caesar (OZMAFIA!!), Ignis Carbunculus (Café Enchanté), Taiga Isurugi (Variable Barricade), Mammon (Obey Me!) and Ron Muroboshi (Norn9) were the best fits for this category. Their best matches are with an ISTJ or ISFJ, since an ESTP introduces new experiences to both introverted matches, and they’re able to communicate without hitches since their emotions are just as in check as one another.

ESFP: The Entertainer

Mineo (Collar x Malice)

ESFP types, known as the “Entertainer”, are enthusiastic, energetic people who love to entertain those around them and have a genuine love of life. They are spontaneous, talkative, fun-loving and adventurous. With all this energy comes the expected pitfalls of easily losing focus, being unorganised and getting bored more frequently than other types.

Ah, the supreme genki and himbo types all wrapped up into one it would seem! Here we have Nagakura Shinpachi (Hakuoki), Mineo Enomoto (Collar x Malice), Impey Barbicane (Code Realize), Red (Nameless), Gilbert Redford (Piofiore: Fated Memories), Levi (Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk), Raul Aconite (Cupid Parasite) and Mitsunari Baba (Kissed by The Baddest Bidder). An ESFP will have a field day in bringing out the best of an ISTJ or ISFJ since they are far more reserved and antisocial.

ENFP: The Campaigner

Nayuta (Variable Barricade)

ENFP types, known as the “Campaigner”, live life freely, being outgoing and non-judgmental of others. They are extremely curious, enthusiastic and feel there is no wrong way to approach things, and they are driven to live life without any take-backs. This makes them inclined to go off the rails to experience new and exciting things — and inspire others to do the very same due to their creativity and sheer passion. It makes them them easily lovable, but it also means they need to be reined in a bit due to their energy, restlessness and overbearingly opportunistic nature.

Sanosuke Harada (Hakuoki), Scarecrow (BUSTAFELLOWS), Shiratsuki (Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani), Tokisada (Olympia Soiree), Nayuta Yagami (Variable Barricade), Dill (Nekopara: Catboys Paradise) and Kuroyuki (Nightshade) all neatly fall into this type.

That adds up to quite a number of shota archetypes here, which is unsurprising considering their usually young temperaments in attitude and behaviour as happy and outgoing love interests. INTJ and INFJ complement the ENFP well, as they are both able to ground an ENFP’s more energetic personality with their more patient approaches.

ENTP: The Debater

Extrovert types: The Debater
Lupin (Code Realize)

ENTP types, known as the “Debater”, are knowledgeable and always up for an intelligent discussion. They have an unusual sense of humour and are often offbeat in the way that they think. As quick thinkers with high charisma and originality, their brilliant minds sometimes make them more dismissive of others due to either intolerance or insensitivity. They also, unsurprisingly, like a good argument to stir their noggin.

Shocking no-one, the love interests who encompass such a personality include Kageyuki Shiraishi (Collar x Malice), Arsène Lupin (Code Realize), Misyr Rex (Café Enchanté), Semi (Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani), Kuroba (Olympia Soiree), Kakeru Yuiga (Norn9) and Ota Kisaki (Kissed by The Baddest Bidder). INTJ and INFJ compliment an ENTP well, respecting and appreciating their thirst for knowledge and way of thinking.

In closing

And with that, our examination of character archetypes and their personality types is done! If you enjoyed this pseudoscientific exploration, be sure to let us know — we’re sure there’s plenty more to talk about in this field!

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