Otusunclub: Otome Soundtracks for English Speakers

Are you an otome fan? Do you enjoy Japanese drama CDs? Have you always wanted to buy one but felt discouraged due to the language barrier? Drama CDs are very common in Japan and branch from many notable video games, anime and manga. Indeed some popular Drama CDs that are currently being sold include Fire Emblem Fates, Servamp and New Game! Drama CDs also come in a variety of genres, including otome! If you happen to be an otome fan with an interest in drama CDs, then I have some very special news to share!


“Hold on a minute, Cuppa. That sounds interesting and all, but I’m a bit confused. What is a drama CD exactly?” I hear you ask. Well, a drama CD has stories and character interactions, much like you would see in anime, however, it lacks any animation. They are created solely through voice acting and are experienced similar to how one might enjoy an audio book. Some drama CDs might have long stories that elaborate on the ending of an anime. Other CDs might contain short, funny skits.


Otusunclub are slightly different to these examples as they are creating original content for ‘adult women’. As the tracks are meant to be listened to through a computer or similar digital device, Otusunclub are also able to provide images with their soundtracks. The use of images means subtitles can also be created. Thus English fans can easily follow along with the story!



That said, these stories are not for the faint-hearted! Otusunclub endeavour to create very R-rated scenarios, so be warned! The group has already begun releasing various stories in different stages of completion, which includes Doll House Kanegae, Behind the Easel, The Kaidou Family Scandal and Shouji Inukai’s Medical Records. The kink in these soundtracks is not to be underestimated! I would quote some descriptions of the tracks, but, well, Rice Digital told me all articles need to stay in the ‘all ages’ category (Valkyrie Drive is a great game by the way). Where is that winking face emoji button…?



All of these soundtracks can be purchased via the DLsite website. If you are unsure of the content, you can also download trial versions that will allow you to listen to a small portion of the tracks for free. You can also support Otusunclub via patreon. Follow along with twitter for updates!

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