Our 3 Best Zelda Companions

 Our 3 Best Zelda Companions

Considering he is a perpetually silent protagonist, Link seldom goes off to save the world on his own. Doing so would be too daunting a task, so he usually takes one of the best Zelda companions along with him to give him a guiding hand, to point out when he is missing a trick, and generally to give him a voice for exposition reasons.

In this list of the best Zelda companions, I’ll look at those supporting characters who make the game better and lore of the series better by their inclusion.

The Three Best Zelda Companions

Midna – Twilight Princess

Midna - best Zelda Companions

Of all the characters on this list, Midna easily has the biggest and brashest personality. She is mischievous and conniving. When she is introduced, she presents herself as the only one who can help Link out of his furry predicament. And she is certainly right about that. Her powers over the realm of twilight are vital not only to helping Link back to his normal form but also to saving the world from yet another iteration of Ganondorf.

Or was it Ganon? Honestly, I get confused which is which sometimes.

The Legend of Zelda is not known for its brilliant character development, but Midna’s change over the course of the game is what makes her one of the best Zelda companions. Her change from selfish but necessary guide through the various puzzles and exploration portions of the game to a genuine friend whose departure is one of the most bittersweet moments in the series feels natural and real. Midna is more than a mouthpiece for the ever-silent Link.

Fi – Skyward Sword

Fi is probably one of the more controversial inclusions on this list. Fans complained heavily about her at the time of Skyward Sword’s release. Her interruptions were more common and sometimes unwarranted, giving hints about puzzles the player hadn’t begun to struggle with. Which is all true, but doesn’t stop her from being one of the best Zelda companions.

And here is why – Fi is the Master Sword. The story of Skyward Sword is the story of how the Master Sword came into being. The blade that strikes at the darkness has been a mainstay of the Zelda series since A Link to the Past had us wandering through the forest to find it. And within that blade that has been with every incarnation of Link since has been Fi. Silent, but there, waiting to be used for good once more.

They do hint at her presence in Breath of the Wild, with Zelda asking Link if he can hear the voice of the sword, so maybe we’ll get to see more of Fi in Breath of the Wild 2 when it eventually comes out.

Zelda – Spirit Tracks

Top Zelda Companions - Spirit Tracks

Considering that her name is in the title of the series, Zelda often leaves most of the heavy lifting of saving the world to Link. However, when she found herself with a serious case of death during Spirit Tracks, she was forced to join Link in his quest to save the world, restore the princess to life, and become a railway conductor. All of which are equally valid goals in life.

While this wasn’t the first time Zelda would take a more active role in the story, it was the first time she spent so much time with Link and provided so much useful support during puzzles and battles. But it is her personality in this form that sets her apart and makes her one of the best Zelda companions. She is less of the daunting, imperious beacon of wisdom and hope and more of a frightened child, afraid of the fact she has died and demanding that she be returned to physical form post-haste. It is such a departure for her and for the series that it became one of my favourite incarnations of her almost immediately.

Those are my best Zelda companions. Do you have a favourite that didn’t make the list? Disagree with something on here? Let us know on our usual social links below!

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