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It is once again time for me to fanboy about what I would probably consider my favourite — yep, my definitive favourite — group of VTubers: Nijisanji EN’s LazuLight. These girls are, without a doubt, the ones I have stuck with the longest without either drifting away onto something else or just losing interest altogether. Something about these three special individuals keeps me coming back and wanting to support them ever since I originally gave them a chance back in their debut streams. 

I’m pretty certain it’s actually built into my contract now that I must write at least so many pieces focused on the lovely ladies of LazuLight or at least Nijisanji EN throughout the month. (I mean, no, but I’m not complaining – Ed.) Honestly. I couldn’t be happier talking about some of my favourite people on the Internet. So today I’m going to be going through some of my favourite moments and things about each of the LazuLight girls — one moment for each of them. 

LazuLight’s Mermaid – Finana Ryugu

So when it comes to some of my favorite Finana moments, the most obvious thing you think of is the egg situation, right? It’s iconic, it created a whole meme that is constantly referred back to, but honestly, I did get a little sick of it as time went on. I absolutely get it — I don’t think anyone was expecting Finana to be quite as much of an NSFW feesh as she is — but she has done a whole lot more hilarious things than just the egg. 

Something I didn’t expect was to learn so much about was keyboards. Being someone who primarily plays games on the PC, I have been steadily becoming more interested in PC parts — and with that comes an interest in the important peripherals like keyboard, mice, and headphones. I remember seeing a particular stream of Finana rating people’s setups, and more recently she was changing the switches on her current keyboard to be a different type. This sold me on the world of keyboards and just how satisfying they can be when you find that perfect key switch that provides the finger-feel that’s right for you. 

All in all though, even though I have linked to one specific Finana moment above, I don’t think I have one outstanding moment that I’d hold up above all others. It’s more that she constantly surprises me and I gain more respect for her each time, mostly due to her honesty and simple willingness to say it how it is. 

LazuLight’s Fairy – Pomu Rainpuff

Now when it comes to Pomu, I think that if I was to pinpoint an exact moment my interest in her peaked, it would have to be when she released her “Wotagei” version of LazuLight’s original song Diamond City Lights. Wotagei is a very Japanese-specific thing that only really exists with Japanese idol culture, and it wasn’t something I was very familiar with. 

When I saw Pomu do her Diamond City Lights chant I was so surprised and in awe of the cuteness and how hilarious what she did was — but I was mostly surprised about just how good what she did was. I can’t listen to a version of the song now without it being the version with her chant and that really says something about it. 

Another thing I’ve come to love is just how much of a rage gamer Pomu can be, and underneath that adorable forest fairy exterior there exists a truly salty little gremlin that I never get tired of seeing.

Lastly, Pomu has had some of the most distinctive and interesting streams across all Njisanji EN. Her Ace Attorney-inspired interactive streams, the gingerbread house-making stream that inspired Hololive talent like Kiara, and more recently her Valentine’s day dating sim stream. My top Pomu-related thing at the moment, however, is her playthrough of one of my favourite games — Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. Her playthrough is a masterpiece.

LazuLight’s Dragon – Elira Pendora

I love all three of these girls equally, but I do find myself watching Elira’s streams the most — and think it’s because she has very similar tastes to myself. Honestly I sometimes think that maybe she grew up around the same era of anime as me as well. Some of the stuff she references and talks about are things I’ve also said or thought at some point. 

The clip above, which shows the three LazuLight girls collapsing and chatting, is one of my favourites. It highlights so many different things where I’ve found myself sharing opinions with Elira. She remembers all the corny Disney channel songs, Yu-Gi-Oh! — and most of all her love and ability to completely recite the 4Kids One Piece Rap, a song that holds a special place in my heart for being so shit that it’s actually kind of good. 

She’s an immensely hard worker who constantly offers support and love to those she works with, and the other members constantly mention that and thank her for it. She wholeheartedly adores Nijisanji and the people who are surrounding her in EN — and I love how much that passion comes through from her. These girls are the best!

What are some of your favourite LazuLight or Nijisanji EN moments? Feel free to share ’em with us down in the comments!

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