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Hello and welcome to the official Rice Digital Trash Taste article, and I am your host, Conor! (Good moooorning, Conooooor – Ed.)

Today we’re going to run through the Trash Taste Awards nominations, and I will be giving you my picks for each of the categories that the boys have listed for us. I will give you my reasoning behind my picks — and I will make sure to give you guys a timestamped link to each of the episodes I talk about. 

For those of you who may not know what Trash Taste is, it is an “Anime” focused podcast hosted by three of YouTube’s biggest anime-based content creators — Joey ‘TheAnimeMan’, Garnt ‘Gigguk’, and Connor ‘CDawgVA’. Individually these three have amassed audiences that number into the millions, so it was a guaranteed success when they started up a podcast together. 

I know that some of our Rice Digital community members, certainly within our Discord, are fans of the podcast and so I thought this would be a fun piece to write up, talk about, and celebrate the anniversary of a genuinely entertaining podcast that centres around all things weeb culture. I will be skipping over some of the categories that I don’t have much to say about, such as “Best meme” but regardless, strap yourselves in as this might be a long one. 

The voting has already concluded at the time of writing, but you can check out the discussion over at the Trash Taste subreddit.

Best intro

My Choice: “LadyBeard counts us in”

This was during the episode in which famous wrestler, LadyBeard, was a guest alongside the boys. This episode was honestly exhausting, even as a viewer. I feel like we have to include something from the LadyBeard episode on here, as the episode was quite unlike any other, but my Lord was it chaotic. Greatest episode, though; LadyBeard is a true entertainer, but is also an energy vampire. 

Hot take of the year

My Choice: “To me music is just beeps and boops”

I have watched all of these boys individually for a long time, so of course, I was there from the very beginning when this podcast series started. Throughout the, there have been so many times where Connor has said something I agree with so much, that I began to wonder if all people named ‘Con(n)or’ were just one big hivemind. But this was completely debunked when Connor said this line about music. So many anime series are defined and amplified by their musical choices and you’re going to say it’s all just noise?! Madness. Brings shame upon my name.

Best out-of-context clip

My Choice: Garnt Notices he’s drinking Corona and laughs

So what’s great about this moment right here, is that in a previous episode of the podcast, Garnt mentions that there are numerous times where he zones out of a conversation and laughs to himself while thinking about something. So what we see here is exactly that happening in front of us — and it’s absolutely hilarious. 

The Trash Taste Awards

Screen grab of the year

My Choice: Joey taking a peak at Rias’ butt

There are so many hilarious screen grabs from the almost 50 episodes that there are of Trash Taste; Connor’s wine face, Garnt’s horrendous face as he takes a sip of tea/coffee. Despite these great moments, the best moment for me is Joey letting all of us know just how truly cultured he is. 

Most degenerate moment

My Choice: Rias solo carrying Garnt’s Figure Challenge win

Rias will be making a double feature here, as this moment was not only degenerate but it also resulted in Garnt’s pervertedness being rewarded. During this challenge, the boys visited numerous anime figurine stores in which they had to accomplish challenges set by one another — one of these being “buy the most expensive figure”. After dropping nearly $200 on a very naughty Rias figure, Garnt thought all hope of him winning was lost; little did he know that highly degenerate (Cultured – Ed.) figure would net him almost all of his points. 


Saltiest moment

My Choice: Garnt at Kaguya winning Best Girl

The Trash Taste boys were invited to co-stream and watch the Crunchyroll anime awards, and during the “Best Girl” awards is where everything went down. I think it’s fair to say that most of us were hoping that Chizuru from Rent a Girlfriend would win this award — but none more so than Garnt. This girl was not only a waifu to the man, but she had become his definitive Best Girl after he marathoned the manga. It’s pain all too relatable to see a character you care about being robbed of something, so this one goes out to you Garnt.

Most monkey moment

My Choice: Connor’s skipping cutscenes in games

We’re all anime fans here, we all appreciate a good cutscene — if it’s a game I love, I’m all for massive cutscenes! It completely baffles me that someone can be so into a game, but at the exact same time not want to watch the cutscenes. When I get into a game, I fall in love with everything and will actively seek out more opportunities to see these characters interact. Skipping cutscenes in-game is 100% the most monkey-brain moment of all. (Preach – Ed.)

Best story

My Choice: Throwing poop at University

I’m really putting my own monkey-brain on display for this one, but there is just something primal inside of me that still finds farts and poop-related stories like this one absolutely hilarious. The things that Connor described throughout this story are just so unbelievably disgusting and hilarious — it’s a moment of Trash Taste that I often revisit. 

The Trash Taste Awards

Biggest clown and biggest chad

My Choice: Garnt for both

Despite Connor being famous for being a monkey, Joey and Garnt are slowly but surely revealing just how monkey-brained they can be. Some of their takes on games have just been so… unique. Garnt just edges it out on this one though. 

What can I say? He managed to win the chess tournament over Connor, basically became the bastion of Domestic Girlfriend and met the author, and he can pull off wearing a turtleneck. He’s still a clown though. 

Best tangent

My Choice: Talking about poop (Spotting a pattern here, sir – Ed.)

Honestly, I think this says something about me, and I’m okay with that. I don’t know if this happens for many other people and their friend groups, but the amount of times a conversation naturally evolves into a discussion about poop is much higher that you would think. I can totally understand these types of tangents — therefore it is my pick. 

Best Trash Taste special moment

My Choice: The Boys cheating at cycling

This special came out of nowhere and I absolutely loved every minute of it. It felt like such a bizarre idea for these three weebs to go and cycle around one of the islands of Japan, and it’s exactly because it was so bizarre that made it so entertaining. What made it even more perfect, however, was everyone taking their fair share in cheating somewhere along with the race — and then ultimately trying to defend their cheating. 

Best Trash Taste Animated/best rant

My Choice: The Great Burger Debate

Where there is an entertaining content creator, there is a sea of talented fans waiting on the sideline ready to show off what they can do. Man In A Motel animated this incredibly iconic moment from the podcast in which the boys talk about the Japanese Hambaagu. It’s an incredibly well-made animation that deserves way more love than it has currently received, so please go and give it a watch.

Best episode

My Choice: Roasting our horrible anime tastes

Despite this podcast being hosted by three creators who are mostly known for their work focusing on anime and the culture that surrounds it, they don’t actually talk about anime all that much — it’s a good thing, honestly. I love hearing creators that I like voice their opinions on shows I enjoy, dislike, or have just watched, but it’s equally as enjoyable getting to learn more about the person and not just the content creator. This episode, however, had a solid focus on anime and they did it in a way that allowed them to talk about a lot of different tastes that they have that make up their favourites. 


Best Trash Taste moment

My Choice: The Kuroinu GB Debate

If you’ve been into anime and manga for a long time, there is no doubt that your curiosity has probably strayed you away from the good Christian boy’s path. When you wander too far you encounter what I refer to as “off-brand anime” and within this world, there are some rather notorious titles; no doubt you’ve all heard of Bible Black; it’s most people’s first encounter with the off-brand world.

However, I would argue that Kuroinu is just as formidable as the previously mentioned Bible Black, and the conversation that the boys have regarding this series is pure entertainment gold — Connor’s baffled look, Joey’s excitement, and Garnt’s conclusion of exactly what Kuroino is. Epic.

I understand this is something a bit different than what I or the other writers usually do here at Rice Digital, but it’s something that a lot of anime fans have found a lot of enjoyment in over the last year, so I wanted to celebrate it with you. Thanks for reading as always!

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