Our Picks From The Steam Visual Novel Sale

We’re being overwhelmed with great sales at the start of 2020, and they just keep rolling in! This time it’s Valve in on the action, with the Steam Visual Novel Sale! We’ve picked out a few of our favourites that are on great deals at the moment – check them out using the links below!


kindred spirits steam visual novel sale


Our picks:


AI: The Somnium Files – £24.99 – 50% OFF

Kindred Spirits On The Roof – £10.79 – 60% OFF

Our World Is Ended – £16.49 – 50% OFF

Amnesia: Memories – £3.59 – 50% OFF

Punch Line – £20.24 – 55% OFF

Clannad – £14.49 – 50% OFF

Kotodama – £6.79 – 66% OFF


The Steam Visual Novel sale is live now and runs until March 6th 2020 so pick up the games while you can!


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