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P.T. will not be playable on PS5 due to a ‘publisher decision’

P.T., the playable teaser for Konami‘s now cancelled Silent Hills, will not be playable on the PS5, despite it initially having full backwards compatibility.

With the main project cancelled, and Kojima Productions now an independent studio, Konami made the decision to remove P.T. from the PlayStation Store. Not only that, but the ability to re-download the game was also disabled.

This meant that you could never delete P.T. from your PS4, otherwise access would be lost forever. Despite this, it looked like the demo would still be playable on PS5 through data transfers. And initially, it was.

Both GamesRadar and Polygon have reported that it had been possible to play P.T. on their PS5 review units. When the time came to re-download the demo however, it turned out that backwards compatibility had been disabled.

According to a Sony spokesperson that Polygon contacted, this ‘was a publisher decision’, meaning that the culprit is, unsurprisingly, Konami.

So, you’ll have to keep your PS4s around for a little while longer, until someone finds a way to preserve P.T. in some form.

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