Panorama Cotton launching digitally October 29

Even more Cotton is on the way, as ININ Games has announced that Panorama Cotton will launch digitally for PS4 and Switch on October 29, 2021.

This is part of the publisher’s ongoing releases for the Cotton franchise, with Cotton 100% and “a special birthday surprise” also planned for 2021.

Panorama Cotton is a unique part of the franchise, featuring gameplay similar to Space Harrier and Panzer Dragoon instead of the usual side-on shmup style of previous titles.

Panorama Cotton Collector's Edition

As with Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute, Strictly Limited Games will be selling a few physical editions. Pre-orders start on October 24 for both Limited and Collector’s Editions. The Limited Edition is a standard copy of the game (2500 copies for Switch and 1500 copies for PS4), while the Collector’s Edition (1500 Switch, 800 PS4) adds in some Japanese-style tea accessories and other physical items.

Strictly Limited Games will also have 600 Mega Drive and 900 Sega Genesis Panorama Cotton cartridges available for pre-order on the same day. Since the game never originally released outside of Japan, these will be the only official English carts that exist for each console.

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