Panties Action Game Pan Pan is On Steam Greenlight

Sure some of you might have played games before that involve panties in some tangential way, but what about game where you play as panties themselves? This seems to have been the thinking behind Pan Pan, a Steam Greenlight game that has you playing as some combat panties.


You can find Pan Pan on Steam Greenlight here, but take a look at their first couple of trailers below:




Not only does the game seem to feature numerous weapons, from guns to swords, but also many different designs of panties that you can be too. On top of that it seems to have some kind of visual novel element. Pan Pan promises “high speed battling”.


Panties Action Game Pan Pan is On Steam Greenlight 1


At the moment entering the game, you feel the mod of foolish and excitement– PAN PAN!
The bumping dancing music. It is the melody of panties.
The exciting color of screen. It is color of panties.

It looks like it could be a fun little game. If it takes your interest there’s no harm in throwing it a Like to see if it can get approved on Steam! You can find it here.

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