Persona 3 The Movie: #3 Falling Down Review (Anime)

The Persona 3 films have seen fast releases here in the UK, and thank Anime Limited for that! Falling Down releases on 22nd May whilst the fourth and final movie releases on 5th June — so close! With the penultimate film in my hands, I settle down for another captivating journey which doubles as one of the world’s best game adaptations (again).


falling down review

Another captivating journey.

If you haven’t watched the second movie then, well, I’m not sure why you’re reading this but it ends on a sad note following the death of a major character. Falling Down begins with Junpei being kidnapped by Strega as S.E.E.S fight to save him. Things are more bleak than ever with the S.E.E.S team battling personal demons and dealing with a group of violent, rogue Persona users, and the arrival of mysterious transfer student Ryoji quickly gains the dislike of S.E.E.S.


With so many new elements thrown in, S.E.E.S’ penultimate adventure builds up a steady climax with higher stakes, more twists and turns and great plot and character developments — some moments had me pretty emotional as I’m so attached to these characters. As mentioned before, the Persona 3 movies adapt the game incredibly well, and A-1 Pictures have done an outstanding job in animating it for the big screen.


falling down review

Falling Down is undeniably gorgeous.

With more Persona users than before, including the explosive Aigis, the action scenes are only getting bigger as the films go on. Falling Down has some of the most devastating scenes in the series with the most violent being when Mitsuru and Aigis “execute” the guys for being in the hot springs during the girls’ time. Okay, it isn’t violent but you feel for them because Mitsuru is a pretty scary lady! Falling Down is undeniably gorgeous and once again captures the atmosphere of the game, and I can only imagine that A-1 Pictures has some pretty hardcore Persona fans. The absence of an English dub is still missed, but the Japanese voice-actors do an excellent job with many reprising their roles from the game, and the music is as outstanding as ever — I can’t get enough of Shoji Meguro, Lotus Juice and Yumi Kawamura.


falling down review

Each film just gets better and better.

You might be thinking, “wow Mitch, this review isn’t particularly long, is it?” and you’re right! Three movies in and I don’t like to spoil, so there’s a little less to talk about but if you take anything away from the review, let it be this – watch this movie. Watch all four movies. The Persona 3 movies adapt the game with passion and dedication, and they’re engrossing watches that’ll keep you coming back for more. it goes without saying that the Persona 3 license is amongst Anime Limited’s best and their handling of each release has been superb — the cover art and artbooks have been wonderful additions to their home releases. I’m looking forward to watching the four in quick succession someday, and I’m sure they’ll be just as enjoyable as they are now, and each film just gets better and better.

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