Persona 4 Dancing All Night Details from Producer Kazuhisa Wada

Persona 5 looks so cool and so awesome. I literally can’t wait. Waiting is not possible. I do not know what is going to happen to me. But until then Persona 4 still isn’t ready to release the hooks it has in its large and excitable fanbase with Persona 4 Dancing All Night, another spin-off game to distract the Investigation Team from studying hard, which will inevitably lead to them having to work minimum wage jobs.


We already know a bit about it. We know it’s a rhythm game, the premise, and also the main song — but there’s a bunch more information that’s just been given by the game’s producer, Kazuhisa Wada, on the website’s blog, where he answered fan questions.


Persona-4-Dancing-All-Night_2013_12-02-13_011 Persona 4 Dancing All Night


Here’s the main takeaways:


• Plans exist for a downloadable version of the game
• There aren’t plans for a demo, but there are for an event where people can play it early
• The gameplay involves notes coming from the middle of the screen towards one of six areas where you need to press either the buttons or the d-pad. There will be non-standard button presses too, as is usual with these kinds of games, such as holding presses, “scratching” presses, and multiple button presses — some utilising touch screen functions.
• There will be a tutorial and play demonstration video revealed soon to make the gameplay clearer to fans at this stage
• The main difficulties are Easy, Normal, Hard, and All Night. In the story mode, however, the game can be set to be even easier for those who want to just enjoy the Persona story.
• The story takes place several days after the end of Persona 4 Golden. More story details will be revealed closer to release.
• Atlus have put a lot of effort into making sure that each character has multiple costumes
• There are plans for costume and song DLC (naturally), but these will only be put into motion after gauging how fans react to the game
• There’s a mode in the game for players to look at the character models
• One of the main dance modes, “Free Dance”, unlocks more songs as you play along
• Getting full-combos for the songs give rewards
• Nanako plays a big role in the story and will dance, but won’t be dancing in the story mode battles
• The game is compatible with the PlayStation TV
• Hanako Ohtani won’t dance


Persona-4-Dancing-All-Night_2013_12-02-13_015 Persona 4 Dancing All Night



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