Persona 4 Dancing All Night gets first English Trailer

Atlus has released the first English trailer for Persona 4 Dancing All Night as part of its E3 announcements and it’s as entertaining as you’d expect it to be.
The trailer, which can be seen below, shows off the English voice-acting, taglines associated with each dancing cast member and why they’re all dancing in the first place. Kanamin Kitchen, an idol group, has been transported to The Midnight Stage after watching a creepy video online, and Rise gets the Investigation Team back together as they work out what the website is, what The Midnight Stage is, and to rescue the people that have been trapped by it.

Sadly, Laura Bailey wasn’t able to return to voice Rise hence the new voice-actress who is unconfirmed as of yet but it seems like the rest of the cast returned. Best wishes to the new voice-actress, although I’m sure Laura will return for any future Rise roles. It’s slated to release in America later this year, with no word of a European release. Hopefully Europe will also see it this year, perhaps courtesy of NIS America or SEGA.



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