Persona 5 Release Date Announced as 15th September in Japan, Anime Also Announced

For a while now, there’s been a website counting towards a Persona 5 live stream at Tokyo Tower, and at 13:30 BST today brand new information about the game will be revealed.


You can watch it live on NicoNico but we’ll be updating it with information as and where we can because you can bet we’ll be tuning in. As far as I know both premium and free members can watch the stream, although I can’t say I’ve tried using NicoNico before so… let’s hope for the best! Regardless, we’ll be updating you once information has become clear.


Well, the event has started but bar some talking from the new Velvet Room assistants, the host and someone in a pink banana outfit, the event so far has been mostly focusing on Tokyo Tower. What’s going to happen? Who knows? I’m assuming it’ll be a release date, and hopefully not a delayed one!


Persona 5 Release Date 1


Tokyo Tower is about to to be Tokyo taken! The new trailer begins with the main character battered and being spoken to before jumping into featuring new characters, gameplay, action and mini-games, including the main character sliding down hills in a desert-themed area. Also beach scenes and swim suits! It seems that there will be 9 characters in your team, with one presumably in a support role who may be unplayable. This trailer shows off plenty and culminates in a release date – 15th September 2016 for Japan. This means unless there’s a worldwide release, it’s likely the West won’t see it until 2017 – if it’s been pushed back to guarantee a worldwide release though then good!


A 20th anniversary edition has been announced with a Persona 5 artbook, a 5-disc 20th anniversary soundtrack collection featuring tracks from all 5 Persona titles, and DLC for Izanagi and Orpheus to be in Persona 5 with new colour schemes, along with DLC for Yasogami High and Gekkoukan outfits. Also included is seemingly a poster and a special box to house it all. They revealed the Persona 5 box art too.


Persona 5 Release Date 2


They’ve briefly shown off storyboards for Persona 5 the Animation: The Day Breakers with little news on it otherwise. Due to the subtitle it’s safe to assume it’s not an adaptation of the game but may be something like Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood where it takes place before the game.


And that’s a wrap, folks! Plenty of exciting things shown and revealed, and now we only have to wait on news of a Western release date and if we’ll be able to grab the special edition.


Persona 5 Release Date 3

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