Persona 5 the Animation Review (Anime)

Persona 5 the Animation -THE DAYBREAKERS- is a 24 minute animated prologue to the game, meaning you can watch it without fear of spoilers and should you watch it? Yes, yes you definitely should and I shouldn’t need to tell you that. If you haven’t watched it, go watch it then come back and read this!
The Daybreakers wastes no time in introducing the cast and getting into the action, and this OVA follows the Phantom Thieves as they track down a group of crooks who are robbing various stores. I won’t get too into the story but considering how short it is and that it’s a one-off, A-1 Pictures and Atlus managed to pack in a few twists, action and do a great job at making you like the characters before the main event. If you’re a massive Persona fan like me, chances are you heard about Crunchyroll’s announcement of the anime yesterday and have been eagerly awaiting for 1pm to hit to watch it – and it was more than worth the wait!
persona 5 the animation review

A-1 Pictures have handled the animation here and, if you’ve seen the Persona 4 Golden animation, then you’ll know how great they can be! This is only a taster of what is to come in the full game but if it’s anything like this, then I’m even more excited than I previously was already – which is almost an unattainable level of anticipation! The stylish cut-ins make an appearance and the battle scene is brimming with colour and fast-paced action, and it’s wonderful to see the characters Personas in action as well as see characters unique to this OVA. As is standard with Persona, it makes you empathise with those who you might wish not to like, but in the end the outstanding writing and characterisation wins out and you can’t help but begin to like them or feel sorry for them.
There are some brilliant voice-actors and actresses here including the phenomenal Jun Fukuyama, Nana Mizuki, Mamoru Sakamoto, Tomokazu Sugita and Ikue Otani reprising their roles as the protagonist, Anne, Ryuji, Yusuke and Morgana respectively, and they put on an excellent show! Whilst I have complete faith that the English Dub will be equally as mesmerising, it’s a huge shame that there will be no dual audio for the games release – I think I’d have played through the game with both options! Some familiar music and new music from the game is played and, as expected of series regular composer Shoji Meguro, it’s nothing short of amazing.
persona 5 the daybreakers 1

I shouldn’t need to tell you to go watch this, but I will – go watch Persona 5 the Animation -THE DAYBREAKERS- as it’s 24 minutes of pure magic, and it’ll only make you more excited for the biggest Japanese game of 2017 (you know, unless you live in Japan then you’re getting it super soon!) Go watch it, go enjoy it! It might even make a fan out of you if you aren’t yet! Hopefully this will be included with the Western release of the game but if not, at least Crunchyroll have it in beautiful HD.

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