Persona 5 – Watching a Movie with Futaba, Maid Cafe and Falling in Bath

Brace yourself for another set of exciting new gameplay videos of Persona 5. You know we’ve been analyzing them and looking into every tiny little detail for your and our enjoyment, so here we go!


In the first one the protagonist and Futaba are watching some kind of cult film. Is it a date? Futaba has seen the movie around 50 or so times. Girls will be girls, right? Or maybe that’s just Futaba.  Oh and the protagonist gets more knowledge points by watching this flick.



In this lovely maid cafe video our protagonist settles for tea instead of a hot cup of coffee, because of the maid’s mistake. But that is totally cool, since our character is that kind of guy. He is just that nice. And of course, he ramps up his kindness in return. Isn’t that sweet?



Everything you do in Persona 5 seems to reflect on your character, so for example falling in bath because of heightened blood pressure and induced dizziness gives you more points of courage.  Who is crazy enough to stay in the hot bath for that long anyway!? It certainly takes a great deal and we can only guess this is how our protagonist can get even tougher for the upcoming battles.



And lastly, the protagonist works his part time job at a cafe and makes a so-so curry rice and a perfect cup of coffee.



And that is only a portion of things to do in Persona 5. Persona is a lot like real life, but better.

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