Persona 5 E3 2016 – Gameplay and New Characters

While Persona 5 wasn’t featured during the E3 2016 PlayStation Press Conference that doesn’t mean it wasn’t at this year’s E3. Atlus posted almost an hour of content including gameplay, information on new characters and details for upcoming events.



The gameplay starts at the 13:00 minute mark.



The ninth party member will Goro Akechi, voice by Soichiro Hoshi. For now all we learned is that this new character is both a high school student and a detective.


Persona 5 E3 2016 - Gameplay and New Characters - Goro Akechi



Atlus also revealed new cooperation characters which will replace the social link system. As you deepen your bonds with them during your school life so will you too gain new abilities to use during the thief life portion of the game. Check out the trailers for each of the new cooperation characters bellow:





With the E3 event over, Atlus announced that the following Persona 5 Premium Event will take place on the July 19th at the Tokyo National Museum. Here players will be get the chance to play the final version of the game months before its official launch.


The English version of the game will be released in February next year in North America. The western version will feature only English dubs, while the option of having Japanese voice acting, at least as a DLC addition, is still being considered.


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