Persona 5 Royal Tips To Get You Started

 Persona 5 Royal Tips To Get You Started

If Persona 5 Royal is your first time with Persona 5, or you’re just looking for some refreshers, here are some tips for you heading into the new game. There’s plenty of new things in Royal, but the same basics still apply just as they did back in base Persona 5! Let’s get started.



Always Carry A Book


persona 5 royal tips reading


Whilst it may not be beneficial to use up your time on a book early on (wait until you unlock the Speed Reading book in the library in July)  – it IS useful to have a book on you at all times. There are moments in the game that will allow Joker to read a book without spending any of your valuable time, so it’s worth having something in your bag whenever you can. Most of the time early on, it’s worth spending your time elsewhere than reading a book.



Make Use Of Will Seeds


persona 5 royal tips will seed


Will Seeds can be found throughout dungeons, but only in Persona 5 Royal. They have multiple uses, each of which are actually quite valuable. You can find up to three Will Seeds in each dungeon, and doing so will net you a strong accessory. Find just one, though, and it’ll restore all your team’s SP. This is fantastic, especially early on, where SP is in short supply. As there are three of these in each dungeon, this means you can fully restore your SP three times without even leaving.


You can use this in two major ways – Use the seeds to progress through the entire dungeon and find the treasure in just one day OR use the seeds to grind XP. If you’re not worried about time and would rather get stronger, you can locate a will seed, but not activate it. Then go about your business grinding away at enemies, once your SP is low enough, simply head back to the seed, activate it, and you’re ready to go again!



Build Tae Takemi’s Confidant Rank


persona 5 royal tips takemi


Takemi is one of the first confidants you get access to in Persona 5 Royal, she’s the side-street doctor who’s looking to experiment with some not-so-normal medicine. Levelling her up will give you access to SP restoring items, which like Will Seeds, are incredibly useful. As you progress, you’ll gain access to even more items, including items that will passively regenerate your SP. The last thing of note is that levelling up her confidant will give you a 50% discount on all her products, which is wonderful. Oh, and she’s a great romance option, if you’re interested.



Look After Your Bedroom Plant


persona 5 royal tips plant


One of the earliest and most efficient ways of raising kindness is by looking after the plant in your bedroom. Getting the kindness boost from your plant takes no time, all you need to do is buy some plant fertiliser. There are multiple versions, but the best place for the early part of the game is the flower shop in the Shibuya underground mall. Once you’ve bought it, simply interact with the plant to gain two Kindness points every few days. Later on, you’ll gain access to Shinjuku, where you’ll be able to buy Mega Fertiliser, which will net you three Kindness points instead!



Never Go To Bed Early


persona 5 royal tips bed


Time is a finite resource in Persona 5 Royal, it’s important that you make the most of it. Of course you could try and be a min-maxer, and follow the most efficient route, but I’d recommend just playing the game however you feel makes sense, as long as you make use of every time slot. The quicker you can get through a palace, the more free time you’ll have to spend with people, and rank up confidants. You can play however you like, just make the most of your time.



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