Persona Waifu Wars Round 2

 Persona Waifu Wars Round 2

I’m back, and have only just finished weeping for all the Persona 1 & 2 characters left in the dust in the first round of this competition. You don’t know how hard I fought to have them included in this competition. But we must take a deep breathe, and move ever onward — as is the Waifu Wars way.


Today I bring you some killer match-ups. These are the kind of battles that’d take place far away from pay per view cameras, but would be relegated to shady boxing brawl boats in the dockland districts.  The kind of match-ups where the losers go missing the next day, and the janitors are one of the best paid employees of the business, all strictly cash-in-hand of course.


Indeed, no matter where you follow your heart in this round, it’s almost guaranteed that one way or another it’s going to get broken. So paint your hearts a lovely, deep shade of red, and open your chests up to the great big bull of internet character poll contests. May the best waifus make it through… This round closes Wednesday at Noon GMT! Let’s get going!


























Best of luck to all the entrants!


Take a look at the full brackets and who we’ve lost so far in the embed below, or on Challonge. If you think this round is harsh, just you wait…



Reminder, Round 2 ends Wednesday at noon GMT.

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