Persona Waifu Wars Round 3

Round 3 of the Persona Waifu Wars is here~! We all knew Persona 5 was gonna be popular, but who knew it would be this popular? Persona 1 & 2 have been axed from the competition, so now only the strongest stand from Personas 3 through 5!



These matches are all real killers. But through the smoke of doubt, I can see some even more killer matches as we ramp up into the quarter finals next round. Round 3 closes next Monday at 10am GMT! So make your voices heard loud and clear!



















Best of luck to all the entrants! Like I said, killer, isn’t it? Somehow Yu has stuck around, though! Can Yu make it all the way?


Take a look at the full brackets and who we’ve lost so far in the embed below, or on Challonge.



Reminder, Round 3 ends Monday at 10am GMT.

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