Persona Waifu Wars Semi-Finals (Round 5)

Holy Persona, Batman. We’re finally at the semi-finals, and it’s been brutal. Even Chie is afraid. Because she’s out. We’re now guaranteed someone from Persona 5 will reach the final, it’s just a question of who they’ll be facing — Mitsuru, or Yukiko!



Is Waifu Wars still just about the waifus? Or is it something more now? Does it represent which game in the series is your favourite? Either way, let’s drink these last couple of rounds in. Voting on the semi-finals ends next Monday at 10am GMT!







Best of luck to all the entrants!


Take a look at the full brackets and who we’ve lost so far in the embed below, or on Challonge.



Reminder, the Semi-Finals end next Monday at 10am GMT!

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