Persona Waifu Wars Winner Announced!

After many a grueling confrontation, the Persona Waifu Wars have come to an end! There were some close calls and some absolute landslide wins, and now the moment has come to crown a new queen! It’s Queen too. I guess we should have seen that one coming. Behold, the Persona Waifu Wars winner!


Waifu Wars: Persona Rise-ing Winner: Makoto Niijima


Persona Waifu Wars Winner Announced!


That’s it for another vicious Waifu Wars! Your voices have been heard and your support has been tallied up! Makoto fought off all the competition and now she reigns supreme!


Persona 5 has been pretty unstoppable all the way through too, with a solid performance from beginning to end. It was nice to see one of the other games make it to the finals though, for a while there it looked like it might have been a Persona 5 showdown!. Will the power of Persona 5 last into the next Waifu Wars? Probably. We’ll have to wait and find out though!


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