Phantasy Star Online 2 Global coming to the Epic Games Store next week

The Western version of Phantasy Star Online 2 is making its way to a new storefront. Of course, this isn’t English PS4 or Switch versions finally being announced. Instead, the already available PC release will soon be launching on the Epic Games Store.

Sega will release Phantasy Star Online 2 for the storefront on February 17, now less than a week away. Cross-play is still possible with Xbox One, plus both of last year’s Steam and Windows 10 releases.

The global team’s Fred White stated that “[they] are so happy to be releasing Phantasy Star Online 2 Global on the Epic Games Store,” going on to say that “With all the huge updates to the game over the past year, including the newest Chapter 6 update, there’s more content than ever to explore and play through”.

Phantasy Star Online 2 global Epic Games Store screenshot

Phantasy Star Online 2’s global servers have quickly caught up to their Japanese counterparts, releasing new Episodes at an accelerated pace. A lot of this is due to how much later this version released, but it’s probably also being done to prepare the game for New Genesis‘ launch later this year.

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