Phantasy Star Online 2 Japan Episode 2's Release on 17th July

As Sega’s free to play MMORPG approached its first birthday it moves on to its second episode, with a huge update bringing a new planet, a new race, class and balance changes with much more. Still no word on a Western release though.



Sega’s successful Japanese MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2 is getting it’s biggest update since the subclass system was introduced. This update marks a year since the game’s release and a new story arc. These changes include:


A new race called Dewman which made it’s first appearance in Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity.

A new class called Braver which focuses on being a jack of all trades for Melee and Ranged attacks. They bring with them two new weapon categories.

Katana, a melee weapon which focuses on countering and swift movements.

Bullet Bow, a ranged weapon that can easily switch between speed, power and can be effective on enemy weak points.

A new Planet, Vopar which covered in water. Enemies here change their behavior depending if it’s night or day.

All 6 classes will receive balance changes, new abilities and Photon Arts.

System changes across the board to improve the player experience.



This update is around 5GB in total.


Source: PS Fan Blog


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