Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy confirmed to release in the West on 3DS

Capcom has announced in a press release that the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, featuring the first 3 games re-mastered in HD and full 3D, is headed West.
It’ll appear at E3, and they’ve confirmed that it’ll cost $29.99 exclusively on the Nintendo eShop when it releases this Winter. It’s coming to Europe too, but a price has not been confirmed, although £25-30 is probably a good bet, and it’ll once again be only available digitally. At least you’ll now be able to choose between playing the series in English or Japanese, which I’m sure will please many.

The original Ace Attorney DS titles are rare, hard to find and quite expensive, so this’ll be great for those wanting to re-visit the series, or those who got into the series via Dual Destinies or Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright.

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