Pin Box reveal Falcom 40th Anniversary shirts

It seemed like those of us outside North America would miss out on the Falcom 40th Anniversary merch that was revealed during the recent virtual concert. Thankfully, Pin Box has our backs with their own set of 40th Anniversary shirts — plus an extra Rixia-themed shirt.

Unlike the NIS America merch that sold out the day it went up, all three shirts are on open pre-order until July 15. Orders are currently planned to be shipped from late August to early September.

Pin Box x Falcom Rixia shirt

Pin Box has a number of Falcom related products in the works, including a set of Ys IX pins later this month. More Trails of Cold Steel pins are also in pre-production, along with some currently unannounced projects.

Things are looking pretty good for western Falcom fans with all the recent announcements. It’s strange to think that at one point, it was hard to tell if we’d even get every Trails in the Sky game — now we’re finally getting the entire saga in English, plus lots of merch!

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