PlayStation 4 Sales Surpassed 40 Million Units!

Sony officially announced that as of May 2016 PlayStation 4 has surpassed the 40 million mark worldwide. This means that the PS4 is the fastest selling Sony console to date. And when it comes to software sales Sony has sold more than 270.9 million copies of PlayStation 4 software and that’s including both digital and retail sales.


Not only that but Sony plans to sell another 20 million this time next year. How is Sony planning to pull this off? The rumored PlayStation 4.5 console, an upgraded version of the PlayStation 4, also codenamed Neo. The rumor is Neo will be available alongside the regular PlayStation 4 and will feature an 8-core processor running at 2.1 GHz as opposed to the standard 1.6 GHz and stronger, VR and 4k ready GPU with faster RAM.


This means all the games released so far will run at smooth 60 frames or more on the new hardware, given that the developers release a patch. It seems there won’t be any exclusive content or games for now. This is a win win situation for users, whether they upgrade or wait, as it seems the store and everything you bought for the PlayStation 4 will transfer to Neo as well.


E3 can’t come soon enough as both Sony and Microsoft are expected to reveal new iterations of their consoles. Are you looking forward to E3? Tell us in the comments below and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more news and features.

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