PlayStation Neo May Be Announced During September’s PlayStation Meeting

The rumors for the elusive PlayStation Neo, formerly known as PlayStation 4K and PlayStation 4.5, have been circulating for months now. Sony refused to go into too much detail on what will await us, however all we knew is that the platform will be announced very near its actual release date.


Sony Interactive Entertainment scheduled the so called “PlayStation Meeting” at the PlayStation Theater in New York. The meeting will take place in New York at 3PM eastern time September 7th. The event will be live-streamed so you will be able to follow things as they happen.


PlayStation Neo should provide better graphics, a smoother framerate and compatibility with all PlayStation 4 games. Sony has promised that this new console iteration will not fragment the market, as there will be no PlayStation Neo exclusive games. The developers already have gotten their hands on the development kits, so we should expect a slew on great looking games soon.

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