Our 9 Picks From The PlayStation Summer Sale

There’s a new PlayStation Summer Sale live, and as usual, we’re going to pick out our favourites, with an Asian twist, for you to enjoy!

Gal*Gun 2

I feel like we recommend this one in every sale, and for good reason. It’s a wild ride that you owe yourself to try, especially if you love to shoot pheromones at partially dressed girls!

80% Off EU75% Off US

Persona 5 Royal

The pinnacle of JRPGs, re-released with additional content, how could you say no to this? This is one that no JRPG fan should miss, and if you somehow haven’t played it yet, you can pick it up now.

25% Off EU and US

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

Fancy giving yourself a scare? White Day follows a group of students who are locked inside a school at night, whilst being hunted by a killer janitor. Sounds like fun, right?

80% Off EU77% Off US

Dragon Ball FighterZ Ultimate Edition

What do you get when you cross an acclaimed fighting game developer with a beloved anime and manga franchise? You get DBFZ, a ridiculously well put together fighting game. We’ve recommended the Ultimate Edition so you get a bunch of extra content.

70% Off EU84% Off US

Steins;Gate 0

It’s a sequel to Steins;Gate that very much holds its own against the success of the original, and well worth your time if you’re a visual novel fan.

80% Off EU70% Off US

Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package

Get (mostly) all of the Kingdom Hearts games in one sweet package! See if you can get to the end of the series whilst still understanding what’s going on. If you do, please do contact us on socials.

70% Off EU and US


Here’s another visual novel for you to try out, this time you’re tracking down a serial killer in Japan, but there’s plenty of paranormal to add to the mix.

80% Off EU74% Off US

Final Fantasy VII

Itching to get the full story after playing the remake? Or maybe you just want to relive the classic! It’s never a bad time to play this one.

50% Off EU and US

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

Finally, get yourself some more fighting game goodness, in the special edition of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, coming with the 2.0 update and all the DLC.

66% Off EU33% Off US

Be sure to let us know what you’re picking up during the sale!

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