Pokemon Anime Resumes Production

The mainline Pokemon anime series has resumed production following the lifting of the state of emergency in Japan.

Following on from our continued coverage of anime delays due to COVID-19, it’s nice to start to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Japan recently came out of its state of emergency due to a reduction in Coronavirus cases, meaning people can go back to work, and restaurants can re-open (some with incredible new social distancing techniques)!

This also means that anime production studios can continue work, and that includes the team responsible for the Pokemon anime, who announced that they have resumed working on the show in a tweet.

The tweet roughly translates to:

“Following the cancellation of the state of emergency, due to the spread of coronavirus, we have resumed the production that was temporarily suspended. Along with this, the Pokemon anime will resume broadcasting on June 7th, please take a look!”

Of course, this is just the Japanese version of the show, but it’s great to see the cogs are now turning again!

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