Pokemon GO Buddy Adventure Feature Coming Soon

You will soon be able to feed and play with your Pokemon buddy as Pokemon GO Buddy Adventure is launching in the near future! This will allow you to make more use of Pokemon GO’s AR capability, and unlock new perks for your Buddy Pokemon. A Shared AR Mode is also incoming in the future.


You can catch the new trailer for Buddy Adventure here:



Here’s the press release for more information:


Niantic and The Pokémon Company announced that the Buddy Adventure feature will soon arrive in Pokémon GO, adding all-new ways for Trainers to interact with their Pokémon. Buddy Adventure leverages the cutting-edge augmented-reality technology of the Niantic Real World Platform to understand the world around Trainers and further blend the real and digital worlds together.


Buddy Adventure will give Trainers the ability to interact with their Buddy Pokémon like never before. When AR+ mode is enabled, a Buddy Pokémon will react to its Trainer, who can directly play with and feed their buddy to earn new Perks. Trainers can also look forward to a new shared AR mode which will launch for Pokémon GO after the initial launch of Buddy Adventure. Shared AR mode will allow up to three Trainers using AR+ to take a group photo of their buddies together—perfect for creating epic Pokémon moments and capturing new memories with friends.


And a look at the feature in action:


Pokemon GO Buddy AdventurePokemon GO Squirtle


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