Pokemon Go adds mighty Mega Evolutions

Mega Evolutions have at last arrived in Pokemon Go, providing a way for players to further upgrade fully evolved pokemon, unlocking temporary, ultra-powerful forms to battle with.

Rather than using mega stones and rings, Pokemon Go has introduced a new resource, Mega Energy. This can be gathered through Mega Raids (Raid Battles against Mega-Evolved pokemon) and once you have enough of the right type, you can Mega Evolve your pokemon.

Just like in the main pokemon games, Mega Evolution isn’t permanent, and you can only have one Mega Evolution at a time. Your pokemon will revert back to normal after 30 minutes, so you’ll want to make good use of its super-strength while it lasts.

Only four of the possible 48 Mega Evolutions have been added in this update, so it looks like Niantic is going for a gradual release. With the feature’s debut you’ll be able to transform the three Kanto starters Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise, as well as Beedrill.

It’s a bit disappointing that so few forms are currently available, but as September has three Mega Evolution events, it’s likely that more will be added pretty soon. Which is good: I want my Mega Slowbro!

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