Pokemon Go’s Halloween event includes ghosts dressed up as other ghosts

Pokemon Go has announced its 2020 Halloween event, which includes two new costumed Pokemon. Starting this Friday, you’ll be able to catch a Gengar dressed as Banette and a Sableye in costume as Litwick.

Compared to last year’s version, which saw the cute Kanto starters dressing as other, more fearsome Pokemon, it seems a little bit silly. You’re already ghosts, guys, you don’t need to try so hard!

There are several other Halloween features to be aware of. Galarian Yamask will be appearing in the game for the first time, and you’ll also have the chance to catch shiny Spiritomb. There’ll be several mini-events too, including an Alolan Marowak raid day and a Halloween Cup.

The festivities begin on October 23 and will conclude November 3.

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