Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon Burning Shadows Expansion Released

The Pokémon TCG has been around for a long time, and for good reason. It’s one card game that’s managed to keep (ahem) evolving, to stay ahead of the curve. The Sun & Moon expansions have been great so far, and this third expansion, Sun & Moon Burning Shadows, looks to follow that trend — and is out now.


Followers of the Japanese game will already be familiar with Burning Shadows, as it combines the Japanese dual sets of  To Have Seen the Battle Rainbow and Darkness that Consumes Light, as well as bringing in some other Japanese subsets.



As well as continuing to focus on Gen VII Pokemon and GX Pokemon, Burning Shadows also ties into the Pokemon 20th anniversary celebrations with some tie-ins to the I Choose You anniversary movie, such as Ho-Oh and Marshadow. The set contains 147 core cards, but 169 including the secret rarity cards. You can take a look at the full set list here.



Burning Shadows has two theme decks — Luminous Frost (Water/Fire), and Rock Steady (Fighting/Psychic). Luminous Frost features the Alolan Ninetales, as well as a Kingdra, exclusive to the deck.


Similarly, Rock Steady features Lycanroc, and Lucario exclusive to the desk, as well as another way to grab the exclusive Rhyperior outside of the Burning Shadows pre-release kit. On top of providing exclusive cards, both decks look packed with some great cards to kick you off with Burning Shadows.



To celebrate Salazzle GX making its first appearance in the card game, GAME stores from 18th August will be giving out promo level 50 Salazzle for the Pokémon Sun & Moon video games for free!


It’s always exciting when a new expansion releases — seeing what the top tier players will be able to squeeze out of it, as well as simply having fun with new cards. Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon Burning Shadows is out in English today, with two theme decks, Luminous Frost, and Rock Steady.

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