Pokken Tournament Fight Club Friday

With the Switch about to release we kick back on the Wii U to take a look at one of its most unique games — the console version of Pokken Tournament! Things get heated, with some nasty twists! We’ll be updating this page with the tournament as we upload it onto our YouTube.


This Fight Club Friday sees the introduction of Matthew into the Hall of Fight Club Fame, starting off in the first match as Pikachu Libre. Our long-term intern Amaria also jumps into the fight a little later, with a mean Machamp.


Round 1 – Charizard v Pikachi Libre (Natalie v Matthew)


Round 2 – Gengar v Lucario (Holly v Daniel)


Round 3 – Chandelure v Blaziken (Oscar v Peter)


Round 4 – Shadow Mewtwo v Machamp (Anne-Lou v Amaria)


Semi-Final 1 – Pikachu Libre v Lucario (Matthew v Holly)


Semi-Final 2 – Blaziken v Machamp (Peter v Amaria)


Final – Machamp v Lucario (Amaria v Holly)

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